2020 Kennedy Prize Deferred

Due to the current COVID-19 challenges and restrictions the 2020 Kennedy Prize will be deferred to merge with the 2021 prize. This deferral will ensure our interstate artists may fully participate in the Kennedy Prize.

The good news is that artists may enter works completed in both of these years, 2020 + 2021, so there will be plenty of additional time to complete works.

KAF will continue to work towards the 2021 event at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts Gallery.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Congratulations to Jaq Grantford on Becoming the 2019 Kennedy Prize Winner with her portrait of “Tootsie, Just an Old Drag Queen”

Jaq Grantford - Tootsie, Just an Old Drag Queen
Photo: Brenton Edwards

In 1953, at the age of 20, Tootsie was jailed in Pentridge for two years simply for being gay. And then at the age of 62, he embarked on a grand new adventure and started to dress in drag and perform throughout the pub circuits of Melbourne, becoming famous in the Australian drag scene. Two weeks after seeing his portrait he died, aged 84.

2019 Kennedy Prize Finalists



    • Nunzio Miano
    • Elizabeth Barden
    • Katherine Nolan
    • Vanessa Newell
    • Vicki Sullivan
    • Jimmi Buscombe
    • Ben Ryan
    • Jamie Preisz
    • Elinor Alexander
    • Lynn Miller
    • Mark Davis
    • Jaq Grantford
    • Rochelle Maree
    • Carolyn O’Neill
    • Anh Nguyen
    • Luke Cornish
    • Sarah Hickey
    • Sean Hutton
    • Marieka Hambledon
    • Philip David
    • Harry Silby
    • Bernadette Freeman
    • Lise Temple
    • Patrick Cassar
    • Troy Argyros
    • Linda Lee
    • Victoria Hempstead
    • Megan Roodenrys
    • Stephen Pleban
    • Amaya Iturri
    • J Valenzuela Didi
    • Jess Mara
    • Annie O’Rourke
    • Colleen Stapleton
    • Lucy Bonnin
    • Joshua Baldwin
    • Anne-Marie Zanetti
    • Lucy Parkinson
    • Leoni Duff
    • Amelia Carroll
    • Dennis McCart
    • Alexandra Plim
    • Josh Miels
    • Donovan Christie
    • Maureen Kay Kane
    • Liz Sullivan
    • Peter Tankey
    • Michael Simms
    • Ellie Kammer


2021 Kennedy Prize