Kennedy Prize 2023 Winner
Sid Pattni
“The Story of Us (Portrait of Moz)"

This is Moz, a Kurdish refugee who fled repression and sought shelter in Australia. Despite spending over 7 years locked up in detention after arriving by boat, he remained resilient. He spent 15 months in a hotel room, deprived of fresh air, his spirit persevered. Now a vocal advocate for refugee rights, he embodies the beauty of resilience.


Oil, synthetic polymer and cotton thread on canvas


Judges Statement:The haunting portrait of Kurdish refugee Moz entitled, The Story of Us spoke to the judges with his arresting gaze. Overlaid with rhythmical stitching that evokes a sense of time marked and endured, confinement and restriction it illustrates so beautifully liberties denied.

The work champions the beauty of resilience in the human spirit to triumph against the most unimaginable odds and gives a voice to those that come to Australia for a better life/ future”


Nyland Prize 2023 Winner
Margaret Ambridge

During our conversation Alice spoke quietly and with a ‘flat bat’ approach about her cancer experience. Sharing disparate comments about “wanting to look as elegant as I can to give me confidence” and “wanting to sit on the hill at the cricket with no top on like the men” it was a conversation I will never forget.


Digital capture


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Kennedy Prize Exhibition 2022 @ RSASA Gallery

Exhibition 2nd - 17th september

Kennedy Prize 2023








Exhibition 2nd - 17th september

Nyland Prize 2023








Katya, Tony Kearney, Expired 4×5 film in vintage camera, scanned, printed on Hahnemule photo rag with archival ink, 2014 – Kennedy Prize Finalist

Kennedy Prize 2022 Winner:

Byron Copland - "Ageing Still Life Diptych"

Judges Statement: “Looking through an alternate lens on the brief – it is the antethesis of beauty that captivates. Intimate and thoughtfully composed, this dyptich shows beauty in the mundane. Capturing various stages of decay in order to define beauty.”


Byron Copland 2022 Kennedy Prize Winner