The Kennedy Arts Foundation aspires to be the leading arts foundation in South Australia promoting the recognition of the arts and artists for the benefit of the arts, artists and the community.

Our vision is to be recognised in South Australia, in particular, and in Australia as a foundation that encourages and directs participating artists to help them meet their full potential, to integrate their art as part of the South Australian community and achieve international recognition and support for their work.

The Kennedy Prize is the initial offering from the Foundation and through it we hope to inspire visual artists to create works of excellence, cultural relevance, commercial value and beauty, as well as  to support them in establishing their careers.

Our mission is to facilitate this by fostering relationships with the public sector, sponsors and galleries to create and host this event with the defining purpose of awarding the prize.

Beyond the prize, the Foundation aims to create further projects for the support and development of artists and the arts and whilst our initial focus will be on the Kennedy Prize, as we grow we will branch further into supporting visual art as well as other areas of the arts.

Bob Kennedy speaks about the foundation at the launch:

The Advisory Committee for the Kennedy Arts Foundation