2023 Kennedy Prize Catalogue

Number of Entries on this page: 55

OneDay | Paul Alexander | $4500 | 122 x 152 cms | Oil paint on linen

My preoccupation is with simplicity. Employing architectural formats and painterly qualities.
The beauty of harmonious combinations of colours, line, and shape. Using a range of subtle shades and hues, painting a number of layers of similar shades, that allows the colour to resonate with depth.
Beauty simplified is the labour of a lifetime.

No 101

The Disabled Artist Hustle | Solomon Kammer | $7700 | 83 x 150cm | Oil on canvas

In confronting the pervasive social messaging that marginalizes the beauty of individuals with disabilities, I, as a person with a disability myself, aspire to challenge this limiting narrative. It’s plain to see in my portrayal of Jamila Main, beauty is not reserved for able bodied people. Disabled people are beautiful, sexy and dynamic, too.

No 102

Through the Decades | Jaq Grantford | $8000 | 178 x 158cm (10 parts- 6 cm between each painting) | Oil on board. Polyptych – 10 separate paintings to make up the whole artwork

Through the eyes of the young and the old, we journey through the decades, learning, laughing, and crying. Our society views ageing as something to fear, a lessening of self. Yet, in reality, it is beautiful. As we come towards the end, we learn to lay bare our vulnerabilities and shed a tear over what is meaningful, both good and bad.

No 103

Exposed Bone | Ben Ryan | $7500 | 123x107cm | Oil on Linen

I can look at this picture and spell out a number of ways that it is about beauty or its opposite, but hopefully I don’t need to. I don’t think those ideas are well hidden. It was painted from life, or from death, depending on your frame of mind.

No 104

Seann in Red | Michael Simms | $3000 | 70 x 60cm | Oil on canvas

Seann Miley Moore is an acclaimed singer and stage performer.

When we met for our sittings, I was struck by his ability to light up a room. I’ve drawn inspiration from such unapologetic confidence – and attempted to imbue my portrait of Seann with that rare luminous quality.

No 105

Dance Me to the End of Love | Pleasance Ingle | $1800 | 76 x 61cm | Oil on canvas

Porcelain figurines embody bygone eras. Certain imagery displays representations of fashion and ideas of the beauty of their time. This is, of course, a shifting paradigm and we look back sometimes with amusement.The “dance” too, is subject to shifting fashion, but always speaks to the age-old ritual as a form of flirtation and catalyst for desire.

No 106

Born posthumously | Janelle Hatherly | $25000 | 153x122cm | Oil on painted canvas: underpainting = Ed’s Tree of Life (with family blessing)

This portrait of my dear friend and colleague Edwin Wilson was painted from life, shortly after death and before cremation. What is more beautiful that a soul at rest after a life well-lived? Ed is a prolific artist, poet, scientist and historian who regarded his mortal existence as but a phase in his journey through the stardust of the cosmos.

No 107

Rainforest | Gail Kellett | $1852 | 50x80cm | hand painted lino cut print (mixed media- acrylic paint and water based ink)

I have been inspired to create Rainforest through my friends’ eyes to the beauty of the temperate rainforests of Australia. I’ve captured a special moment in time that was awe inspiring for them.They were so excited about what they’d seen that this connected me to not only the beauty of this landscape but to their personal journey.

No 108

good news only | Carol Scholich | $3000 | 100x100cm | oil medium

This chimpanzee does not want to hear about the deforestation throughout the world and the loss of natural habitat.Large scale destruction of trees affects the ecosystems, climate and even an increase risk of disease spreading to humans. It has a debilitating effect on the landscape and beauty of the countryside.

No 109

Primavera | Rachelle Dusting | $5500 | 60x60cm | oil on linen

Primavera alludes to the sense of rejuvenation. It’s the rebirth; a time to slow, and take in beauty. Primavera represents an opportunity to reflect on the feminine, and creating space for vulnerability through the female form. Primavera is the portrayal of strong femininity and celebrates soft resilience.

No 110

Beauty through the eyes of another | Jess Hayton | $4500 | 60×75 | oil on canvas

Self portraiture, to me, is confronting. My intention in planning was to somehow partially obstruct my face from view. I asked my daughter to draw a portrait of me on a postcard to use. What she drew was her mother, surrounded by the stars and moon – her universe. There is more warmth, love and beauty in her portrait than I could ever award myself.

No 111

AERIAL | Otto Schmidinger | $9000 | 101cm X 101cm X 4cm | Oils on canvas. Realism

I have called this work Aerial because I saw it from the viewpoint of the crustaceans and fish that live in the trapped waters. The tide has left lakes trapped inside the mountain range creating a world in miniature. Colours of the water and sand were delicious and I wanted to preserve the feeling of surveying this world from above.

No 112

Moonbeam | Ignacio Rojas | $1700 | 15x20cm | oil on board

In 2020 I got sick with a neurological disease that made me lose many of my capabilities but I am recovering. ‘Moonbeam’ is portrait of my son created by using art as a tool for healing. Developed from a stain the portrait emerges full of emotion and stillness, entrusting the creative process to give voice to the love inside of me.

No 113

Portrait of the Son | Anna Speirs | $5000 | 25.4×30.5cm | Oil on canvas

I painted this portrait of my son when he was playing in his room early in the morning. The sun was shining on his face and it was so beautiful to see how the rays of the sun reflected in his hair. He was so focused on his game. I had tears in my eyes. Love truly is one of the most profound and beautiful emotions we can experience as human beings.

No 114

Edna and Beetle | Chelsea Gustafsson | $1800 | 30x40cm | Oil on board

My studio, a seemingly chaotic space, is a haven full of quiet inspiration. Items like my grandmother’s earrings sit amongst treasures such as this beetle from my son. Objects scattered across my studio rotate positions, catching the changing light throughout the day, adding impact to the memories, stories and connections I have for each item.

No 115

To be seen | James Stickland | $4500 | 150x150cm | oil on linen

What lies beneath your mask? Does it give you confidence, power to perform or does it sheath your insecurities, a hiding place from reality? The fear of not being beautiful enough to fit in? We all wear a mask of some form.

No 116

Arrangement 211 | Jane Reynolds | $2300 | 66x50cm | Oil on linen

Arrangement 211 celebrates the intimate beauty found within our domestic spaces. Beauty can be created in the conscious selection and placement of everyday objects.
Arranging things allows us to appreciate not just the functional value of ordinary items, but a quiet appreciation that can be found in the simplest things.

No 117

Old and New Brunswick | Joe Whyte | $7000 | 56×97 cm | Oil on linen

For many years my painting studio was located just metres from this location, and I would look at this scene several times a day.
The neighbourhood was grimy and industrial, severely lacking in any natural beauty. But every now and then as I left my studio after a long day of painting, the light would hit just so, and it felt like magic.

No 118

Lake King William – Tasmania | paul whitehead | $5800 | 180x60cm | Watercolour on board that has been primed with absorbent ground

Waking at dawn while camping next to the lake, I was struck by the eerie but beautiful landscape. The mist was rolling down the Derwent River as the fog was clearing from the lake. Despite human destruction inflicted upon the environment through the flooding of the valley, nature still manages to create something beautiful.

No 119
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

Shock of white | Siew Siang Tay | $400 | 30cmx40cm | Portrait in oil on canvas panel painted in the alla prima style

I’ve always sought to understand what makes me Chinese. When I paint portraits of Chinese people, I feel as if they are pulling me in. They become the looking glass to my roots. I hope this ordinary old man can speak to you in this way and nudge you into an appreciation of the beauty of a culture so widely known yet so little understood.

No 120

DREAMING OF LA MACINA DI SAN CRESCI (PORTRAIT OF WENDY DIXON-WHILEY) | Lucy Fekete | $4550 | 46cm x 61cm | Oil on Canvas

I was inspired to paint a portrait of my friend and fellow visual artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley at her Hahndorf Academy studio in Adelaide. Her work is so beautifully busy and full of detail that I wanted to try capture her in a quiet moment as she contemplated a new commission – but even during that quiet process, you can see how animated Wendy is.

No 121

Duets | Margaret Ingles | $3500 | 90 x 60cm | oil on polycotton

This is my son-in-law Phillipe and his octopus tattoo, doing what he loves the most – playing music, especially Brazilian forró. I love the power of music to bring people together, and transcend borders and culture. I admire its unwavering presence in Phil’s life, and the ability to build community around it. There is such beauty in that.

No 122

Adelaide Hills Vineyard | Tim O’Shea | $2250 | 76 x 102cm | En plein air oil on canvas using impasto painting treatment.

‘Adelaide Hills vineyard’ features Blefari Vineyards, situated on an elevated site with rolling hills. An array of lighting and colour changes on the Summer landscape were experienced on the day. I painted with energy and vigor to capture this beautiful vista. As an Adelaidean I am fortunate to live close to beautiful landscapes and wineries.

No 123
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

Touched by Sunlight | Rachel Scholich | $3000 | 105x105cm | Painted with a knife using Oil as my medium. Painting colours on several layers.

From an early age, I found solace in painting, embracing diverse cultures and storytelling. My art captures the human experience, evoking emotions, and sparking dialogue. Celebrating humanity’s tapestry, I inspire others to embrace their creative spirit, leaving an impactful legacy.

No 124
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

Sam breastfeeding his babies | Sarah Anthony | $6000 | 101.6cm x 81.3cm | Oil on canvas

This portrait depicts Sam, 2 1/2, playing at breastfeeding his babies.
Here Sam is in a liminal space between uninhibited toddler roleplay and societal gender expectations that subsequently shaped his perception of how boys behave.
It was a time of beautiful self-confidence where Sam’s understanding of his identity and potential was without limit

No 125

The Story of Us (Portrait of Moz) | Sid Pattni | $8000 | 101 x 76cm | Oil, synthetic polymer and cotton thread on canvas

This is Moz, a Kurdish refugee who fled repression and sought shelter in Australia. Despite spending over 7 years locked up in detention after arriving by boat, he remained resilient. He spent 15 months in a hotel room, deprived of fresh air, his spirit persevered. Now a vocal advocate for refugee rights, he embodies the beauty of resilience.

No 126

In the Eyes of the Beholder | Philip David | $10000 | 120×120 | Oil on 100 Canvas Panel Boards mounted on Large Board

I have always idolised and found beauty in the Art Masters. I painted 100 small panels of my interpretation of iconic beautiful works by them. I have put myself, as a friend, in some of these scenes of familiarity – I am drinking with the absinthe’s drinkers; I am helping Degas ballet dancers dress; and assisting Picasso’s blue period guitarist.

No 127

Dave Gleeson – The Screaming Jets / The Angels | Tim O’Shea | $7000 | 120 x 85cm | Oil on canvas. Live sittings and studio work. An icon of the Aust music industry

It was a pleasure to paint ‘Gleeso’. Our sittings took place in my Adelaide Hills studio. Charismatic and likeable, Dave exudes down-to-earth charm. He recounts good rock stories balanced with conversations of day-to-day life. This portrait exudes Dave’s ‘Rockstar’ beauty on-stage persona. Singer for rock legends, The Screaming Jets & The Angels.

No 128

I, Wonder | Tom Hermann | $12500 | 100×200 | Oil on canvas

Leonie Dean, the Tenacious Wheelchair Warrior is evidence that beauty is a life well lived. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as in the moment as Leonie: photographer, equestrian, archer, 4WD adventurer, mechanic and charity cosplayer who through her handmade Wonder Woman costume inspires young disabled kids to be the heroes in their own stories.

No 129

Beneath the surface | Nunzio Miano | $3400 | 48 x 48cm | Polymer and varnish on cotton canvas

An abstract representation of what is beneath the surface. Our physical presence is only skin deep, beneath it lies a beauty made up of memories, thoughts and experiences. These elements are represented with bold mark making, dramatic strokes and sympathetic hues. This abstract culmination of elements makes us all unique and individual works of art

No 130

Beauty Unfolding | Trisha Lambi | $4200 | 60cm x 90cm | Oil on Linen

Beauty Unfolding is part of my new figurative series celebrating pure beauty. I’m sick of ugly so I’m creating a little nest for myself, full of beautiful things that I can take refuge in when the outside world becomes just too dark. My daughter as model adds an extra layer of beauty both physically and emotionally.

No 131

Ode To Beauty | Penelope oates | $3000 | 120cm Diameter disc | Ink, acrylic, heated soldering iron on board

This work is both an ode to all things that are beautiful in nature and the 19th Century poet John Keats who wrote “Endymion”, which was his ode to beauty.
In the words of Keats ‘some shape of beauty moves away the pall
From our dark spirits.
Such the sun, the moon
trees old and young..”

No 132

Gilded Cage | Juanita Van Den Bergh | $5500 | 122x122cm | Acrylic on Canvas

A captivating blend of surrealism and symbolism, ‘Gilded Cage’ represents a privileged and entitled generation that are trapped by the constraints and unrealistic expectations of beauty in a world driven by the unknown pressures of social acceptance…Hauntingly beautiful, this painting questions society’s pursuit of wealth, freedom and beauty.

No 133

Adowa | Matthew Gill | $1600 | 90 x 60cm | Acrylic on glass with fabric background

My painting of ‘Adwoa’ (Mondays child) uses the reverse side of glass as the canvas, adding texture and depth to the image. Multiple layers of acrylic paint, along with scraping techniques, reveal hidden shapes and textures, inviting viewers to explore the intricate details. Through the clear glass we see Ghanaian cloth.

No 134

Weeds & Rum | Peter Tankey | $3000 | 63.5 x 93.5cm | Oil on canvas. Framed.

In my still life practice I am often drawn to the seemingly humble or overlooked.
With the painting, ‘weeds & rum’ the aim was to shine a light on the intrinsic beauty and enduring spirit of weeds, their delicate flowers a testament to the aesthetic charm that can emerge from the most unlikeliest of sources.

No 135

Suddenly The Earth Smiled | GREGORY ALEXANDER | $6000 | 46 x 132 | Oil On Canvas

Suddenly The Earth Smiles, a translation of its Chinese name, is the tiny bright yellow plant that emerged on the far right of my composition whilst I was painting. A metaphor for my experience of painting en plein air: Wrestling with the vagaries of painting, being present and responding, a flash of sunlight, a flower, embodied presence, beauty.

No 136

Whispers of Luminescence | Sarah Park | $1400 | 40x50cm | Oil on Linen Board

‘Whispers of Luminescence’ is a collaboration of the figurative & handheld fan, intertwining into a mesmerising scene. Through the ethereal dance of light and shadow, the painting unveils a delicate allure of vulnerability and the captivating essence of darkness, unearthing the beauty of obscurity, and evoking a sense of curiosity & wonder.

No 137

Winter but warm | Ying Chen | $2600 | 77x57cm | Watercolor painting

Everyday is beautiful with you beside me, even it’s in the cold winter my heart is warm and full. I enjoy every moment with you no matter exciting or relaxing. You light up my world without a word.

No 138

Willie Mar | Lyn Bartolo | $1800 | 53×63.5cm | Watercolour on paper

I invite viewers to contemplate the allure of imperfection and find charm in forgotten places. The dilapidated storefront stands as a testament to the passage of time, prompting us to reflect on the transient nature of beauty and the profound stories hidden within neglected spaces.

No 139

The Man Bun | Elizabeth Moore Golding | $1500 | 44x54x3cm | This is an impressionist portrait painted from life using oils on board.

My best portraits are painted from life. This man, a musician, I have painted before, his beautiful hair hanging loose. But this time he had put his hair into a bun. I liked the wispy hairs in silhouette and the now slight showing of grey on his hair. My ‘Australian Grey’ oil, destined for painting gum trees, now on his eyebrows, beard and shirt.

No 140

The Pump House, Sleeping Water, Lake St Clair | Richard Allen | $7500 | 60x91cm | Without brushes , Synthetic polymer sculpted and redacted onto cotton canvas.

The ethereal beauty and peace as one looks across the mirror still waters, of Leeawulenna or Lake St. Clair in Tasmania, to the far shore’s Pump House folly reels you toward the waters edge. The sublime natural beauty of the landscape, dwarfs the manmade wedding cake object, the counterpoint extolling virtue on both separate subjects and the whole.

No 141

Sleeping Dogs and The Moon | Eveline Ruys | $2000 | 102x76cm | Oil on Canvas

Beauty of form and symbol of love, fidelity and protection, dogs inhabit the border between the human and the spirit world, participating in our lives as witnesses to our journey. They are our connection to the divine, reminding us of our true nature as both body and spirit, and our true place as creatures of Nature.

No 142

Haru | Melanie Crawford | $1500 | 91 x 122cm | Thick, textured, abstract painting. Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.

Haru is Japanese for Spring, a time of renewal, when we wake from winter and when colour is born. This painting was inspired by the blooming cherry-blossom, Sakura. An expression of the profound, mysterious sense of the beauty we experience through the changing of seasons and how much the cycle teaches us about life, love, healing and forgiveness.

No 143

Living to the rhythm of rain and sun | Sonia Martignon | $2700 | 121cm x 80cm | Acrylic on hand cut plywood (mounted on a concealed rear frame)

‘Living to the rhythm of rain and sun’ documents a pocket of remnant monsoon forest, wedged between a waste management facility and ever spreading urban development. Intricately hand cut timber edges cast shadows, creating a portal to a beautiful, disappearing wilderness. Spending most of our time disconnected from nature, it’s increasingly hard to be vigilant about protecting something we are so removed from.

No 144

Paradise Preserved, or The Fatal Gift of Beauty | Jenny McCracken | $2970 | 390mmx 300mm | Synthetic polymer paint on wood panel

Paradise Preserved, or The Fatal Gift of Beauty
Here the semantics of what is preserved are clearly identified in the taxidermied specimens of male paradise parrots, Psephotellus pulcherrimus, so meticulously depicted. With more than a nod to Rene Magritte’s famous ‘This is not a Pipe’ painting, and its simple subversion of the traditional conceptual tropes of visual and linguistic representation almost a century ago, this painting revisits that consideration. The semiotics of the painted image challenges the broader conventional assumptions attached to the word ‘Preserved’ as it relates to the living species represented and the ecosystems they depended on.  The irony clear in this case, given that the renowned beauty of the paradise parrot and the 18th and 19th century fashion for private natural history taxidermy collections contributed significantly to its demise.  Prized for their beauty since John Gould’s collector first described them in 1844 as ‘multicoloured and superlatively beautiful’ hundreds of Paradise Parrot specimens can now be found around the world in a multitude of private and public collections, yet it is the only known parrot species from mainland Australia to be confirmed extinct.  Historian Russell McGregor noted in his biography of amateur ornithologist Alec Chisholm that ‘the bird’s “fatal gift of beauty” had effectively led to its demise’ and that despite its beauty its misfortune lay in ‘the fact that its habitat’… ‘open grassy woodland of a kind so common that Australians took it for granted’ at that time was never going to garner the support required for protection. 
McCracken presents here a specimen of particular environmental significance, interrogating the conventional assumptions attached to the concept of preservation as it relates to the species represented.  Asking us further to examine the cost of failure to preserve the rich diversity of living creatures that populate our natural environment, and the risk we might impoverish ourselves in every conceivable way, and forever diminish the beauty of our natural world.

No 145

Cloud Creek Water | Claire Mooney | $3600 | 163 x 152cm | Acrylic paint on wood panel

In Cloud Creek Water I wanted to create an equivalent to the densely woven sensations of looking and contemplation in nature, reflecting an openness of the senses as well as a feeling of immersion in beauty. The artwork is inspired by the movements and multiplicities of rippling water and wave-like rhythms.

No 146

Dancing in the Light of the Afterglow | Chilu Krile | $4000 | 90cm x 120cm | Acrylic on Canvas

This piece explores the theme of light and shadow in life. It’s about the passage of time and how the benefit of time teaches you to not only make peace with the changing rhythms of life but to dance with it and embrace it for what it is. To cherish the small things and to hold onto them when you weather those tough moments.

No 147

Queen of Hearts | Lana Dang | $5000 | 133x65cm | Watercolour on canvas

In this painting I sought to convey Australia’s multiculturalism through my mother’s story, who embraces Australian and Vietnamese cultures in her identity. The duality makes her unique but also is the story of other Australians, including our First Nations. The Queen of Hearts motif used symbolises the beauty in identity duality shared by us all.

No 148

‘there is no collective noun for rainbows, they are just rainbows’ | Tom Christophersen | $1300 | 76 x 56cm | Watercolour paint, watercolour pencil and acrylic on watercolour paper

This portrait celebrates the work of Queer artist, Kim Leutwyler, depicted within a projection of their own work, usually consisting of figures interwoven into backgrounds of brushstrokes and seemingly random drips. In this portrait Kim is shown standing in their power, spotlighted in their own style, in their own world of vivid artistic creation.

No 149

Miss Grace | Wendy Pfeiffer | $3200 | 137cm x 87cm | Watercolour, gouache, water-soluble crayon and coloured pencil

I was inspired to create a painting of my greyhound Miss Grace. I chose her as a subject because to me she epitomises Beauty. Her elegance and beauty is evident in her overall persona and encompass her physical movements and manner of interacting with people and her environment as well as her personality all, which embody beauty.

No 150

Terraces | nicole Pascal | $800 | 81 X 43cm | Acrylic, Ink and Pastel

I have my own best interest in art. Painting – sculpture – design. I enjoy to use colour, and to stretch the challenge of boundaries to find the inspiration I need to create a piece of work.
Walking through the Sydney suburbs I found that these terrace houses have a unique and likable aesthetic appeal. They are side by side, yet they stand as one.

No 151

Clear Skies | Liz Gridley | $2200 | | Oil on wood panel

Watching my 14 month old daughter grow, watching her, sketching her – her days are just so brimming with potential. She constantly transforms before me, her eyes are so bright and full of wonder – this luminous optimism and freedom from the big world anxieties truly feel like she is the embodiment of the clearest, most beautiful, blue sky.

No 152

SO EXCITED FOR SPRING [I wet my plants] | Rosa Fedele | $1950 | 76 x 76 | Oil on Linen

An expression of doggish joy!

No 153
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

Single Green Female | Stephen Burdett | $300 | 30.5×30.5 | aerosol paint on canvas

Single Green Female is an invitation to cast our imaginations beyond the solar system and consider the possibility that beauty and grace are universal concepts. If somewhere in the grand cosmos there are other sentient beings, they may too have a concept of beauty. I create a sense of movement to suggest beauty in action.

No 154
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

all the beauty we cannot see | Elise Clements | $5000 | 80 x 120cm | Oil paint on wood panel

Our society perpetuates unrealistic beauty ideals and expectations that encourage us to conceal our true identity in favor of what is deemed desirable by others. What if these so-called ‘flaws’ are actually elements of beauty that we are taught not to see? Maybe it is in our most natural and vulnerable state that we are undeniably beautiful?

No 155
Foundation’s Choice Artwork. It is ineligible for voting in NAB People’s Choice

2023 Nyland Prize Catalogue

Number of Entries on this page: 33

Elation, is it? | Louise Agnew | $600 | Photographed on expired 35mm polaroid film, pushed 1 stop.

Souring high on the swings, Paddy’s turned face invites viewers to paint their own emotions and interpretations of his experience. Is he exhilarated by flight? Or is trepidation trickling in? The beauty of what it means to be young—fearless, innocent, untamed, and unshackled by constraints.

Red poppies I | Jan Adam Leś | $950 | Digital photography

Simplicity and reduction of image elements and colors are more often reflected in my recent works. This artwork shows beauty and drama of blossoming of red poppy flowers. It is a symbolic reference to the “Red poppies on Monte Casino” song and my tribute to the Polish Soldiers sacrifice during World War II.

Pura Beatitudine – Pure Bliss | CHRISTINE HALL | $3000 | Digital on Bayrata Art Paper

Capturing the conductor’s face radiating pure bliss, his baton having conjured enchantment. The orchestra, a magnet of harmony, responds with an allure, creating a wondrous symphony. It’s a sight of sheer beauty and magic.

breaking the surface | Michelle Lake | $200 | Digital Photograph

There is a beauty that exist in nature. The land, trees & water have their own heartbeat inhabiting the landscape with weight and memory. They hold a sense of place & longing and I can stand for what seems like forever as an observer in the quietude, seeking balance and connection. It is in these moments, where I capture slithers of time and place.

White Magnolia | Lianne Manley | $750 | Digital Photograph, best printed on German Etching Rag

The photograph features a pristine white magnolia blossom, the flower’s ivory-white petals are gently unfurled, revealing their lush texture. The petals exhibit a subtle gradient from pure white to a faint hint of cream, creating a sense of depth and elegance.
The magnolia, in all its variants is said to convey a sense of beauty, love and purity, evoking emotions of perseverance and endurance. I am constantly drawn to these bold blossoms, is it because the beauty of their bloom is so fleeting, or is it that they reflect not only the beauty of nature but also the notion of inner beauty and grace?
By capturing the intricate details, through lighting, and composition, the photograph encapsulates the concept of beauty, giving pleasure to the senses.

Light at the end of the tunnel | paul whitehead | $180 | Single shot taken in Windsor (UK) with a Nikon D7100 DSLR

An old brick tunnel frames a natural masterpiece beyond. Illuminated by gentle sunlight, verdant trees and shrubs flourish, casting dappled shadows on the path ahead. The scene encapsulates a serene interplay of human architecture and the lush beauty of nature’s tapestry, inviting exploration and tranquility.

Profile Pic | Chloe Henderson | $1500 | Digital photograph

Entering the world of online dating, the artist chose to explore how to represent oneself in a single image, or profile pic.
What do others consider beautiful? What appeals to one person but not another?
Should one cater to this gaze or to one’s own interpretation of self?

The artist employs the conventions of beauty in still life imagery, in the Dutch Master style.
Loading the image with symbolism from modern dating dialogue and emojis.

Misty dawn at Hill River-Polish Hill River, Prelude XIII | Jan Adam Leś | $1200 | Digital photography

This is one of my artworks from the series “Preludes and other short pieces on South Australian landscape”. The series explores connections between music and visual elements of images. I’m often saying that these images are painted by God… they are so beautiful.

Idyllic Land | Doug Fyfe | $500 | Digital Photograph

On the beautiful Mt White Station, Canterbury New Zealand – This was a very Frosty morning with allot of low-lying fog. As sunrise came these hills within the paddocks and trees and light in the paddock kept grabbing my attention. When the glancing sun caught the hills and the fog lifted enough to see the trees their beauty was exposed.

The Sea Before Dawn | David Hume | $900 | Single long exposure digital capture unmodified other than cropping and tones.

This work is an exploration of both the nature of beauty and of photography. It takes the sea as the cradle of life and the dawn as both a literal daily event and a metaphorical beginning. The process involves capturing subtle, pre-dawn light to reveal fleeting daily beauty in colours and textures that are not usually seen.

Kartie in her room in Ballarat | Aldona Kmieć | $1500 | Digital photograph

Today, still thousands of refugees who arrived in Australia by boat have been denied visas. This includes children. Without a path to residency and citizenship, they are unable to access vital services such as Centrelink, Medicare and Education support. Denied recognition, they have been ghosted by the government. Their resilience is remarkable.

Quiet Murray Morning | Jasmin Feneley | $450 | Digital photograpghy

Nature’s beauty is healing. Serene waters cradle a gliding pelican, embraced by misty tranquillity. A morning’s whisper frozen in time, where quiet beauty reigns supreme.

The beauty of Binalong Bay | Craig Crosthwaite | $450.00 | Landscape Photography

The lone tree at Binalong Bay on Tasmania’s East Coast under a rising sun. The tree no longer stands on these exposed rocks. Sadly during a savage storm it fell over about 2 years ago. Thankfully I have this image to remind me of it’s beauty.

The Impossible Bird X | Masa Hoss | $460 | Digital Photograph, Limited Edition Archival Print, Special KAF Edition + 10

Black Swan is The Impossible Bird; deemed mythical by much of the human population until discovered in Australia. I draw on their symbolism and communicate through their form, a visual language of extensive observation. This work invites us to remain curious and question perspectives rooted in the unwavering limitations of contemporary knowledge.

They/Them | Dane Beesley | $1200 | Digital image, archival pigment print.

My portrait titled “They/them” is a celebration of my dear friend’s unique identity. “They/them” is not just a portrait; it is a visual testament to the power of self-expression and the beauty that lies within embracing one’s true self.

Luxurious Lorikeet | Isla Carruthers | $200 | Digtal Photograph

I love photography because it challenges me look for and capture the beauty in the world. As a photographer my goal is not just to find beautiful things to shoot, but also to bring beauty to the mundane and common things in our lives. I particularly love birds, and this shot was a dream come true – It’s as if the lorikeet saw me and struck a pose!

Eucalyptus | Mieke Boynton | $250 | Digital long exposure with vertical in-camera movement.

The unmistakable colours of the Australian Bush.

Hide & Seek | Francis Cloake | $1100 | Digital

I lived in South Australia up to the age of 20. One of my favourite gardens in South Australia was Mt Lofty Botanic Garden. I returned to these Gardens in April this year (it was 20 years since I had last visited) and was met by a wall of heavy fog hiding all the vegetation. The fog slowly lifted during the morning walk revealing the hidden gums.

Dancing Light | Han Chan | $399 | Digital photography utilizing technique of long exposure with colored LED light.

While the darkness is present, there is always beautiful and colorful lights that shine.

Flying Mapple Leaf | Clement Chua | $1000 | Digital

Clement Chua is a Malaysian traffic engineer and photographer currently living in Melbourne. His photographic works have been featured in auto, sports and fashion magazines in countries across the globe, including England, Malaysia, France and Australia.

Masks | Peter Barnes | $300 | digital photography

Masks are controversial. In much of Western Europe it’s an offence to wear them for religious reasons. Recently, for public health reasons, it was an offence not wear them. Is make-up also a mask? Or simply an enhancement of beauty?

Spectrum Perspective, Ethereal Wish 2 | Belinda Walker | $380 | Black and White Infrared Photograph

As the world around us continues to evolve and change, it sometimes takes a fresh perspective to truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds us each day. This is precisely what the work “Spectrum Perspective” seeks to accomplish. Utilising infrared photography, familiar dandelions are presented in a completely new light, encouraging viewers to consider the way in which perspective and different lenses impact our understanding of beauty.

The Ctenophores | Adam Simpson | $2000 | Underwater Digital Photography

Taken while freediving around Wedding Cake Island off Sydney. An unusual weather pattern enabled a rare mass aggregation of predatory Ctenophora species. They gently wriggle and pulse through the water, translucent other-worldly creatures.

Murphy | Moira Fearby | $300 | iPhone photo

A moment of peace in an otherwise chaotic life, such a soft & gentle boy.

The preparation of beauty | Nicholas Hook | $250 | Digital image

A image that plays with the preparations that a woman must make for society’s concept of beauty versus those that a man must make.

Cloudburst | Malcolm Edward-Cole | $450 | Digital Print

Stormy sky near Balaklava SA

Tears for Conrad | Leanne Hardy | $300 | Cyanotype

The Cyanotype on paper work represents personal explorations of grief immediately following the loss of our almost 18 year old fur baby Conrad. It is a homage to the beauty Conrad bought to our lives. I have used the leaves of Maniltoa lenticellata (Silk Handkerchief Tree) because they cascade towards earth like the tears we have shed.

ALICE | Margaret Ambridge | $500 | Digital capture

During our conversation Alice spoke quietly and with a ‘flat bat’ approach about her cancer experience. Sharing disparate comments about “wanting to look as elegant as I can to give me confidence” and “wanting to sit on the hill at the cricket with no top on like the men” it was a conversation I will never forget.

Taut | Kate Taylor | $1700 | Digital Photograph

This photograph melds dichotomies: seen & concealed, strength & vulnerability, known & mysterious. A barrier symbolises societal norms distorting beauty and identity. Behind, the dancer’s body portrays tension, echoing pressures. Friction between real & perceived reveals struggle for authenticity amid conformity.

Orange and Blue | Edwin Daughtry | $360 | Digital photograph

“In this tableau, a cacophony of contrasts unfolds, a collision of the synthetic and the traditional, of the artificial and the time-honoured craft. The brash plasticity of the orange roses, arranged unapologetically within the sterile embrace of a white pipe, is a brazen affront to nature’s nuanced beauty.” ChatGPT in the style of Robert Hughes

Bike riders taking a break at dawn, Crescent Head. | Harry Clarke | $1000 | Digital camera Canon R5

Two riders stopped to enjoy the sunrise at Crescent Head NSW after a steep hill climb.

Simple beauty I | Jan Adam Leś | $800 | Digital photography

Simplicity and reduction of image elements and colors are often reflected in my recent works. This artwork presents a simple geometrical form ‘painted by ocean’ on the Vivonne Bay beach. The one ‘displaced’ element adds my personal touch to this work. It is a poem expressed in a visual way…

Floating Dreams | Dane Beesley | $1600 | Shot on 120 medium format film, archival pigment print.

In my photograph, “Floating Dreams,” I capture a moment of ethereal beauty as a man attempts to defy gravity, clinging to a cluster of helium balloons against a backdrop of a serene blue sky. This image serves as a visual representation of the concept of beauty, exploring the transformative power of imagination.