Congratulations to Sally Robinson on Becoming the 2021 Kennedy Prize Winner with her artwork “Bruce Squared

Sally Robinson "Bruce Squared"

Winning portrait celebrates unconventional beautyA beautiful face is an amalgam of features assessed through filters of familiarity and emotional connection. 6 views of my husband’s face are opened out and superimposed on a grid of square tiles, to show his entire face at once. In his seventies, Bruce is not traditionally beautiful, but he is beautiful to me!

Acrylic on wood panel

Kennedy Prize 2021 Catalogue
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Congratulations to Tom Hermann on winning the

NAB’s 2021 People’s Choice Award


Tom Hermann "Understanding Tsering: shadow and light"_nab_peoples_choice
Understanding Tsering: shadow and light – Tom Hermann

Tsering Hannaford is one of SA’s painting luminaries, seeking above all an honest connection with her subject material, while building her own distinct career on a national scale- moving from shadow to light both in paint and in profession. If truth is beauty then this painting evinces beauty for above all it is about that simple honest connection.

Oil on linen

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Congratulations to Jaq Grantford on winning the

Mintaro Wines 2021 Hanger’s Choice Award


Jaq Grantford - Bron Beautiful - Mintaro Wines Hangers Choice Winner
Born Beautiful – Jaq Grantford

When thalidomide survivor, Lisa McManus, was born, the midwife fled the delivery room, horrified by the tiny baby with malformed arms. But Lisa’s beauty shows in many ways – her strength, her integrity, her compassion, her smile. If the midwife had paused, she would have seen the perfect baby.

Oil on Canvas

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2021 Kennedy Prize Finalists



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    • Yvonne East
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    • Marcus Callum
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    • Jaq Grantford
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